Secrets to Attracting Capital

The value of "proof points"

Capital whether debt or equity seeks proof.  Proof an opportunity is viable defined as sustainable. The validation via proof points of an up and coming company growing faster than its peers is the holy grail for investors and lenders. We call a fast up and comer company a prodigy.

Can a prodigy company be created or can any company be transformed into a prodigy?  Our belief is yes.

The competition for talent and capital can be fierce. A prodigy company creates the energy and magnetic pull for scarce resources. Shouldn't you be vying to be a podigy? 

Ultimately, lenders and investors want their capital returned and a reward for the risk they undertook. Prodigy companies send the correct signals to debt and equity providers without being loud about it.

These proof points is what we endeavor to create in a business. Accomplish these proof points and the world is your oyster.

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Why do anything?

Existentially, we believe in progress. Systemic progress. Societal progress. Progress which enables human development in balance with nature.

Do it because it advances all that is good.

What we do

We build companies. Specifically companies in the formative and tweener phase. Tweener is between small and middle size. 

How we do it

The "how" boils down to three big categories: Problems, People and Money. 

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Ideas and People

Ideating and discovery is the foundation to innovation. Innovation is the elixir of people who seek to learn to better themselves and society.

Turning it on

Bright ideas and people with passion seem to go together. Finding and nurturing the passion in people is nothing more than give permission to do it. 

FAQs and RAQ's

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