Frequently and Rarely Asked Questions

Why makes you different?

We bring two things, people who have experience scaling and fixing companies.  Second when needed debt/equity capital to accelerate growth.

What are your successes?

First, we measure success by asset growth over time. Next we consider the impact the business will have on the community it serves. Lastly, it has to be fun for all parties involved.

What kind of results can we expect?

There are three possible outcomes. 

1 .  The business is able to self sustain growth. Thereby giving the business and its owners more freedom.

2. The business can be sold for a higher value and multiple.

3. The business is large enough to consider liquidity options not available to a small company.

What do you specialize in?

We specialize in corporate development. As a function, it involves all the elements to a healthy enterprise. Capital, people, systems, risk management and asset acquisition and divestiture.

How do you make money?

We customize our financial rewards to each unique situation. It could be as equity sponsors looking to increase the value of shares. At times, it makes more sense to take a project view based on a specific outcome tied to a financial payment.

Most imporant is we add value and it is in the value delta we participate in. Burdening a company with costs is the last thing a company needs and we would rather not engage than risk adding unnecessary costs to a company.

What do you do?

Our process to define where to start and what to do starts with an exploratory conversation leading up to a formal discovery.  From that data exchange, we then create a work plan with capital and resources.

The prescription suits the situation. If the business survival is at risk, then we operate with the urgency like a hospital emergency room. 

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