Big Picture

The world we want to live in...

United Nations reported as of July 2018 the world population at 7.6 billion people. 

If life were a race, we would start equally. Yet, we do not all begin life at the same starting line. The reality is we aren’t born into equal circumstances.  Access to education, to healthcare, to capital, and to resources is limited to billions of people, that is a problem.

This is the travesty we seek to change.

We seek to do our part, to contribute to the solutions to problems afflicting individuals and society.

We can't wait for others to do it for us, we have to do it. We have to seize the moment, we have to solve the problems of our day. Technology is enabling new systems to replace the old which are obsolete. Startups are finally in vogue. 

We want our generation and future generations to realize their potential. When more do, we all win.

At LastBrick Capital and its affiliates, our mission is to engage with leaders of companies and non profits to traverse their journey. Our involvement could be money or it could be resources, a know how, to help a leader ensure they will succeed. Success can have differing nuances however there are common denomintors. Is a problem being solved, is it scaling, is there meaningful impact, is there continuity? 

Orchestrating these denominators and more is what we bring to the leader of a company as we call it a movement. When more companies and their leaders succeed, when more individuals and companies reach their potential, we all win.

We see companies as one of the paths to create the world we want. Through companies we can solve problems society and communities have. Yes, there are many forms and purposes of companies. We are focused on those organizations whose founders and leaders wish to excel, to be the strongest in their space. Excellence ensures strength, as the storngest companies can change the world.

Multi Stage Flexibility

We work with companies in start up, emerging and mature phases whether they are in distress or in growth. Our focus is to assess what combination of capital and execution will accelerate your business. Again, the mission is to achieve success defined as contributing to communities and society. Big picture aspirations are only possible when healthy companies flourish.

Committed to Results

Excellence is communicating with empathy and candor. With candor, clarity about situations and people can emerge. Without blame and judgement, rational people can find simplicity in chaos and complexity. Our default operating mode is to mitigate risk, to make the complex simple. 

Challenges Wanted


We are independent thinkers who are battle tested. We operate from first principles. We listen from the heart and ask why thoughtfully. We apply common sense and remember that people are at the heart of every business.


Capital solutions means debt and equity structured to align interests to a common goal. Managing the blended cost of capital to grow sustainably and ensuring flexibility through unplanned market downturns is what we contribute to a founder and the entrepreneur of a business.

Real World

The best plans are just plans. The real plan is to Iterate a product based on customer feedback. Spending the more time with customers and next internal customers to us has been the hallmark to success. Happy customers and happy employees leads to happy investors. It starts with real talk. 

What do you have to lose...

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